SonG Update: Tech N9ne – I Caught Crazy

SonG Update: Tech N9ne - I Caught Crazy -
Tech N9N

New track Tech N9ne – I Caught Crazy

Tech has been long working on his growing reputation with the dark side, dubbing himself the KOD (king of darkness) long before J. Cole held the mantle. Songs like “Suicide Letters,” “Sad Circus,” and “Low,” have provided revealing glimpses into Tech’s inner psyche, with an honesty his fans have been thankful for.

Tech N9ne – I Caught Crazy

Now, on his recent EP N9NA Collection 2, Tech has offered up an inspiration dip into the waters of insanity, the guitar-driven “I Caught Crazy!” Rather than seeking the exit sign, this one finds Tech embracing the benefits of his unconventional mind, the catalyst for his creative genius.

Tech opened up about the track on Instagram, explaining that “Crazy” comes in many forms, and can be harnessed as a positive force. On the song itself, Tech reflects on implementing his madness into his music, rapping “talking to myself and I learned to talk backwards, took the thing and I put it in a raw rap verse.” Check out the song now, and sound off below. Have you been following Tech’s journey since day one?

Quotable Lyrics

If you ain’t some type of crazy, you ain’t shit
You keep the faker front then push the real shit to the back
The point I’m tryna make is if you’re fakin’ that is so shady
But my crazy gives yo’ crazy, whoa baby
Catch it then you’re very grim like no
Other motherfuc*er, just rap to win, you bury them, die though

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