Mp3 Pivot Gang Ft Smino – Bad Boys Download

Mp3 Pivot Gang Ft Smino - Bad Boys Download

Pivot Gang Ft Smino – Bad Boys mp3 free download

Pivot Gang blessed the world with their debut this past week. Entitled You Can’t Sit With Us, the compilation tape features appearances by Smino, Mick Jenkins, Kari Faux, Smino, Femdot, Jean Deaux, Sylvan Lacue and many others. Although the album is packed with jams, “Bad Boys” featuring Smino is a standout effort. The St. Louis rapper may be the most popular on the record, and “Bad Boys” is a banger that works best in the car or in the club. Joseph Chillams, Saba, and MFnMelo, take control of the verses, while Smino lays down the hook.

A boisterous bass permeates the instrumental, giving the daedaePivot produced banger an immediate club feel. The bass will rattle your teeth, and the chorus is a little much at times, but the verses ride. Pivot Gang has the ability to make this a Summer single, and we’ll be riding with “Bad Boys” for the next few months ourselves.

Pivot Gang comestrough with a new track after their album faturing Smino with the track tiled Bad Boys mp3

lyrics Pivot Gang Ft Smino – Bad Boys

I sleep in a high tower
like Steve Harvey show, uh
She drop a jaw like we rob Deebo, uh
That’s on mamas like I’m a Migo (Mama)
I don’t need no rapper plug, no co’ (Signer)
They was jumpin’ off the porch, coyote,

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