Mp3 Jessie Reyez – Imported Download (Remix)

Mp3 Jessie Reyez - Imported Download (Remix)
Jessie Reyez

Remix Jessie Reyez Ft 6LACK – Imported mp3 free download

Jessie Reyez – Imported (Remix) mp3 6LACK adds an interesting dynamic, as the sexual tension comes through their two voices. Over the course of the slow-burning track, the pair reflect on the age-old conundrum, as once explored by Nelly and Kelly Rowland on “Dilemma.” What happens when the one you love is in love with someone else? Someone’s liable to walk away with hurt feelings.

Imported Remix Download torrent

He proceeds to waste little time in cutting to the heart of the matter, his seductive aspirations echoed by Jessie’s own. “You, you’re in love with somebody else,” she sings, her unique voice adding an impressive depth of character. “

Maybe I could offer some help, get over them by gettin’ under me.” Check out the remix now, and sound off below. You prefer this one over the original?

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lyrics Jessie Reyez Ft 6LACK – Imported (Remix)

Hi, my name is 6LACK
And sometimes people call me 6-LACK
I don’t mind because they stubborn
And my bank account is looking mighty fine
We can skip the wine and dine

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