Latest track: Jumpin on a jet – future

Jumpin on a jet -

New sonG Jumpin on a jet – future

Jumpin on a Jet is the second song Future released before the official release of his new album The WIZRD. It follows the single “Crushed Up,” which was released five days earlier.

This song is a braggadocious tune stunting Future’s lifestyle, always flying with his private jet, and showing off all he has, from diamonds and lean to women.

Jumpin on a jet – future

Quotable Lyrics

We say it’s up, then it’s up
Perfect timin’, dropped a diamond in my cup
Solitaires on my ankles, I’m weighed up
See, you trollin’ and that shit not weighin’ up
Lambo truck, and I’m flexin’, princess cut
On the G4, Fendi my clothes, travel the globe
Put the carats in my nose
Never did fold
And I won’t sell my soul, platinum rose gold

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1 Comment

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