Latest track: Gong Xi Fa Cai – Higher Brothers

Gong Xi Fa Cai -
Higher Brothers

New sonG Gong Xi Fa Cai – Higher Brothers

Chinese rap group Higher Brothers are kicking off the Lunar New Year on a high note. With their sophomore album, Five Stars, is set to arrive on February 22nd, the quartet has officially come through with a new single titled “Gong Xi Fa Cai.” The phrase, which roughly translates to “wish you get rich,” is a common saying during the onset of the Chinese New Year, and one that holds special significance within the rap game. After all, securing ducats has long been a motivator to artists of all walks of life. 

Gong Xi Fa Cai – Higher Brothers

Now, the group’s new single has arrived. Reuniting with “Made In China” producer Richie Souf, Higher Bros take to some traditionally Asian-inspired instruments, blending Chinese bars with English ones. Language barrier aside, the song contains the elements of a traditional banger, from the trap-style drums to the frequent use of ad-libs. Overall, one does not need fear the language barrier. Higher Brothers are for the people.

Look out for Five Stars to drop soon. The project has already been hyped to be the “biggest Chinese hip-hop album ever,” with surprise features from some of North America’s notable names.

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